Following Bone Grafting and Implant Procedures

Optimal healing following periodontal surgery is dependent on proper post-operative care. It is very important to follow these post-operative instructions to facilitate optimal healing after periodontal surgery.

Most surgeries involve repositioning of the gum tissues and recontouring the bone around the teeth. In regenerative procedures bone materials and barrier membranes may be used to “rebuild” tissues lost to disease.

After all surgeries, the most important factor that promotes healing is stabilization of the surgical site. Thus, the surgical site must remain undisturbed for at least 10 days.

The day of surgery:

  • Do not rinse with any mouthrinse until tomorrow. Take all prescription medicines as directed. (Do not take pain pills on an empty stomach, for discomfort, you should take Ibuprofen on a regular basis- 600-mg every 6 hours and supplement with the prescribed hydrocodone as needed)
  • Do not disturb the surgical site. No Brushing around the surgical site until you are told to do so!
  • Do not smoke for at least 3-5 days, then limit smoking to half.
  • Apply ice packs (15 min on/15 min off) to surgical site frequently to minimize swelling.
  • Eat very soft foods as tolerated. They should be of high protein nature (soft boiled eggs, ice cream, room temperature soups, smoothies, scrambled eggs, etc.)
  • No sucking from a straw or excess spitting. (This may dislodge regenerative materials)
  • Do not take aspirin products. (Aspirin increases bleeding. Use Ibuprofen instead)
  • No heavy activity/exercise for at least 48 hours. Keep blood pressure down! Keep your head above heart level to decrease swelling.
  • Some bleeding and oozing from the surgical site will occur.  Apply direct pressure to surgical site with gauze or a moist tea bag for 30 minutes if profuse bleeding occurs . Put a towel on your pillowcase in the evening to avoid staining linens.
  • If you were IV sedated for your procedure, do not drive until the following day.

The days after surgery:

  • Continue all prescribed medications as directed, be sure to read precautions and warnings.
  • Do not disturb the surgical site.
  • No toothbrushing or pulling on tissues around surgical site until otherwise directed.
  • If a periodontal dressing is used, do not remove it intentionally. It may fall off throughout the following week, but try to leave it undisturbed.
  • Never remove sutures or barrier membranes. (This may dislodge regenerative materials)
  • Avoid chewing on surgical site for 10 days or until comfortable.

If excessive bleeding, pain, swelling or infection occurs following periodontal surgery please contact the office, (503) 222-2844, or Dr. Hovey’s cell number (503) 805-9319 or Dr. Corning’s cell number (520) 289-5961