Regenerative Bone Grafting

This regenerative therapy utlizes combinations materials including bone grafts, tissue stimulating proteins (regenerative biologics) and membranes, when indicated. When combined, they can predictably help facilitate bone regeneration to strengthen the teeth.

Dr. Hovey or Dr. Corning will evaluate your radiographs and perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Patients with moderate to severe periodontitis may have bone loss defects form next to their teeth. During flap surgery, the surgeon first removes the diseased tissue and bacteria off the tooth root. After the area is cleaned, regenerative bone grafting will be performed in an attempt to regenerate the bone that was lost due to the disease process. Sutures are then placed and removed following two weeks healing. Periodontal maintenance is then provided in our office for the six month post-treatment period. Dr. Hovey or Dr. Corning will evaluate your healing and decide an appropriate periodontal maintenance interval with the dental hygienist. In most cases, your are then referred back to your restorative dentist for your periodontal maintenance; however, an alternating maintenance regiment is sometimes recommended based on the severity and scope of disease observed upon initial exam.