The key to a successful sinus grafting procedure is your comfort and the care of the area during the next few days: this means that you must keep the area stable and take the prescribed medications as directed to prevent infection.

 DO NOT blow your nose for 10 days

Try not to sneeze, it may place additional pressure on the sinus membrane and introduce bacteria into the graft. Therefore if sneezing occurs, it should be done with the mouth open to relieve pressure within the sinus, as a cough.

Place cold towels or an ice bag to your face for 24-48 hours following surgery. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then off for 15 minutes.

Eat very soft foods as tolerated. They should be of a high protein nature (Soft boiled eggs, milk, ice cream, malts, boiled chicken, soup, etc.)

For the first 24 post-operative hours drink plenty of fluids: juice, water, milk.

Expect a good amount of swelling and some discoloration. These findings are common and do not indicate infection or other problems. Sleep with your head well elevated. By doing so, you may experience decreased swelling, but may still be marked the next morning.

Don’t exert yourself for at least the next couple of days. The surgical site needs to be stable for optimum results.

No heavy activity/exercise for at least 48 hours to keep blood pressure down

Avoid flying for 2 weeks following any sinus procedure.

Do not disturb the surgical site

No tooth brushing, flossing or pulling on tissues around surgical site until otherwise directed.

No use of an electric toothbrush or water pick

Never remove sutures or barrier membranes and notify us immediately if your sutures become loose or break.

Follow the instruction(s) given to you and take your prescribed medications as directed:

ANTIBIOTICS: Use as directed

PAIN MEDICATION: Take regular dosages of Ibuprofen (600mg every 6 hours or 800 mg three times per day with meals) with 1-2 extra strength Tylenol (500 mg acetaminophen) or Hydrocodone to supplement if needed for pain every 4-6 hours, if prescribed.

DECONGESTANT: Start the morning of your procedure. Take prescribed medication, if prescribed, as directed. An over the counter decongestant is acceptable.

RINSE: Do not rinse with any mouthrinse for 24 hours following surgery. Begin a warm saltwater rinse (1 cup water to 1-1/2 teaspoons of salt) the day after your procedure. Please rinse gently. Continue this rinse 3-4 times daily until your post-operative visit.

If excessive bleeding, pain, or swelling occurs following the procedure please contact our office at 503- 222-2844 or Dr. Hovey at 503-805-9319 or Dr. Corning at 520-289-5961